Kitesurf lessons

Learn kitesurfing

Nice that you want to learn kitesurfing! Taking lessons first is an important step. If you have good lessons you will learn a lot quicker, it is safer and it is more fun!


Kitesurf course

Our lessons are 3 hours. Depending on the wind we choose the best location for that day.


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We will get you on the board as soon as possible. 

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Duo lessons Kitesurfing

1 duo lesson

€130 | 3hrs
  • Very suitable as refresher lesson
  • Max. 2 students per instructor
  • Kite setup, safety, bodydragging
  • We go directly into the water!

3 duo lessons

€360 | 9hrs
  • Learn a waterstart and riding (3 x 3hrs)
  • Max. 2 students per instructor
  • Personal attention
  • This is epic!

5 duo lessons

€550 | 15hrs
  • Become fully independent (5 x 3hrs)
  • Max. 2 students per instructor
  • Proven teaching method
  • Most wanted!

Private lessons Kitesurfing

1 private lesson

€170 | 2hrs
  • Tailor-made kite lesson
  • 1 student per instructor
  • Full attention from the instructor
  • Also suitable as advanced lesson!

3 private lessons

€480 | 6hrs
  • Learn what you need (3 x 2u)
  • 1 student per instructor
  • Full attention from the instructor
  • Very suitable as continuation course!

5 private lessons

€750 | 10hrs
  • Become fully independent (5 x 2hrs)
  • 1 student per instructor
  • Proven teaching method
  • Most efficient!

Questions about kitesurf lessons

How many lessons do I need?

Our experience is that most people need between 5 and 10 lessons. However, we adjust the learning curve of the student at all times, so if you learn quickly you will need less lessons.

How often is the wind good?

On average, 70% of days the weather conditions are good to kitesurf. That is why it is always is good idea to plan multiple dates to be on the safe side.

Which months are you open?

April 1st until October 1st.

Am I too old to learn how to kitesurf?

We believe everyone can learn how to kitesurf, from 12 to 112!

Which languages do the instructors speak?

In our team are English, German and Dutch native speakers!

Kitesurfschool in Amsterdam

Kitesurfschool in Amsterdam?

We are based in Amsterdam and we give kitesurf lessons on the best locations around Amsterdam. With our firetruck we drive with our instructors to the kitesurf spot. We bring all the kites, wetsuit and other kitesurf materials with us.

Where do you teach?

Depending on the wind we choose the best location for that day. Sometimes that is on flat water and sometimes on the sea. These are the locations where we teach kitesurfing: Schellinkhout, Muiderberg, IJmuiden and Wijk and Zee.

What is the advantage of 4 different locations?

Because we have multiple locations we can always go kitesurfing somewhere when there is wind. Therefore we always have the best conditions (flat water, knee-deep, stable wind). This way, with the guidance of an instructor you will get to know all the different kitesurf spots. Explore them all!